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marketing and sales initiatives


KAOGMA 2014: All Day All Night Everybody Happy!


The hottest festival in the world made a come back full of exciting surprises for locals and event goers as it celebrates a week long foundation day anniversary. Traditional competitions like Ms. Kaogma and Hot Kids plus new activities such as Comic Night and FlipTop Challenge made all day all night everybody happy!


JAMES HARDIE LIVEvolution Dealers Conference 2014: Building Endless Possibilities


LIVEvolution continues this year with endless possibilities in store for the dealers. Held at the luxury island playground Misibis Bay, James Hardie and the dealers built a stronger partnership and recommit to live a life without compromise.



Talk n' Text: Annibersaya


A festivity in celebration of Talk n’ Text’s anniversary; fun and exciting activities were available for everyone.



LAFARGE 2012 Customer's Night


Communicate to customers that Lafarge is their best partner to help them grow their business during this construction boom.



International Labour Organization (ILO): Red Card to Child Labour


An event for kids who experienced child labor; that instead of doing work at a young age, their attentions are now diverted to play football. The aim is to show the kids that they should enjoy and learn, not work and be stressed out.